Windows Cannot Find the Microsoft Software License Terms. [Solved]

Every operating system has its own certain minimum system requirements. For example, to install Window 10, minimum 512 MB of RAM is required. However, if you install a Windows operating system such as Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 as virtual machine with one core processor and 512 MB of RAM, you might get the following error:

Windows cannot find the Microsoft License Terms.

The following figure shows the error when you try to install the latest version of Windows operating system as a virtual machine with one core processor and 512 MB (or less) of RAM.Windows cannot find the Microsoft License Terms error

Actually, this is not something related to license terms. You can fix this error by performing any of the following tricks:

  1. Go to the virtual machine’s settings window and set the RAM size to at least 800 MB. Retry the installation process and decrease the RAM size back to 512 MB, once the installation is completed. However, if you are already running out of RAM space or do not want to increase the RAM size, try the second trick.
  2. Press the Shift+F10 to open the Command Prompt window. Execute the following command and resume the installation process.
X:\>wpeutil createpagefile /path=C:\pf.sys
  • Refer the following figure.

wpeutil command to create pagefile

Ignore the “command failed with status 0xXXXXXX” error. Just resume the installation process from the Install Now screen and you would be able to install it successfully.

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