Minimum System Requirements for Windows Server 2016

The new version of Windows Server family “Windows Server 2016” is almost ready to be launch. It is currently available in the Technical Preview state. We know that the official version of any product remains almost the same as its last Technical Preview (or Beta) version. So, we hope the final version of Windows Server 2016 will also remain same with the slight differences in the features and functionalities.

Download the latest available technical preview of Windows Server 2016, if you have still not downloaded it. However, before installing Windows Server 2016 on your system, you should know the minimum system requirements for Windows Server 2016. In this post, we will explain all the minimum system requirements to install Windows Server 2016. However, the actual system requirements may vary depending on the roles and features you intend to install and use. If your system does not meet the minimum system requirements mentioned below, you may or may not be able to install Windows Server 2016 properly.

Processor (CPU) Requirements

One of the major components that affects the system performance is Processor. The performance of a processor depends on the various CPU factors. These CPU factors include the clock frequency, the number of processor cores, and the size of the cache memory. Windows Server 2016 requires the following minimum processor requirements:

Note: The NX capable processor prevents the various type of attacks such as Buffer Overflow.

Memory (RAM) Requirements

Along with the processor, memory is also one of the major factors to decide the system performance. Windows Server 2016 requires at least 512 MB of RAM. The RAM should also support the ECC (Error Correcting Code) feature.

Note: The ECC supportable memory can detect and correct the most common kinds of internal data corruption.

Free Disk Space Requirements

Microsoft suggests minimum 32 GB of free disk space for Windows Server 2016. However, you can install it on a disk having the less free space. But keep in mind, the disk space requirement also depends on the size of RAM of your system. More RAM memory means more disk space will be required for paging, hibernation, and dump files.

Network Adapter Requirements

The network adapter is not a mandatory requirement to install Windows Server 2016. However, ultimately at a stage, you will be required to add the network adapter(s) to connect your server to a network. The network adapter for Windows Server 2016 should meet the following requirements:

  • Should have at least the gigabit bandwidth
  • Should be compliant with the PCI Express architecture
  • Should have the PXE boot capability

Other Requirements

The other requirements are not so important as these are almost found on every system. These requirements include DVD media, UEFI firmware, Keyboard, and optionally the Internet access.

Hope, you have the basic idea about the minimum system requirements for Windows Server 2016. Now, start to install your Windows Server 216 and do share your experience with us. Stay connected with us for more interesting Windows Server 2016 articles.

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