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How To Install VMware Tools on Linux (RHEL 7/CentOS)

As discussed in the previous post, VMware Tools adds some additional functionalities to the virtual machine. Some of the features (such as copy paste, drag-and-drop files) for a virtual machine are only available when you install the VMware Tools. In

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How To Install VirtualBox Extension Pack – Step By Step

Now, VirtualBox provides a lot of virtualization enhancements and improvements in comparison to the older versions of VirtualBox. However, some of the features such as Encrypted Virtual Machine and Remote Display require additional drivers and tools to function properly. These

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How To Install VMware Tools on Windows

You can use VMware Tools to enhance the performance of the virtual machines running as the guest operating systems and improve the virtual machine management. However, the guest operating systems can run without VMware Tools, but some of the VMware features,

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