New Features of Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 is the upcoming version of Windows server family product. Most probably, it will be officially launched in the end of 2016. Currently, it has launched as Technical Preview 5. Like any other new version of operating system, Windows Server 2016 also contains some new features. The official list of new features of Windows Server 2016 will be known at the time of launching. However, the Technical Preview version gives a rough idea about the new features.

In Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview, there are many new roles and features have been added. Some of the major new roles and features of Windows Server 2016 are listed below:

  • Nano Server
  • Host Guardian Service
  • Multipoint Services
  • Windows Server Essentials Experience
  • Setup and Boot Event Collections
  • SMB Bandwidth Limit
  • Windows Biometric Framework
  • BitLocker Network Unlock

Nano Server

One of the biggest change or you can say one of the major new features of Windows Server 2016 is Nano Server. Nano Server is designed to run modern cloud-based applications and to act as a platform for containers. A Nano Server has almost 93% smaller Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) size  and it requires 80% fewer reboots. Nano Server does not come in a separate IOS image file. Actually, it is an installation option of Windows Server 2016.  Nano Server does not contain any console such GUI or CLI. In the simple words, Nano Server is a trim, cut off and light version of Windows Server.

Step By Step Guide To Deploy Nano Server

Host Guardian Service

The Host Guardian Service (HGS) is a server role introduced in Windows Server 2016. It provides the Attestation and Key Protection services that allow Guarded Hosts to run shielded virtual machines (another new feature). The Attestation service validates guarded host identity and configuration. The Key Protection service allows transport keys to enable guarded hosts to unlock and run shielded virtual machines. This is the most talked new feature of Window Server 2016.

Multipoint Services

It allows multiple users to simultaneously share one computer. However, each user has their own independent and familiar Windows experience.

Windows Server Essentials Experience

This is a role service that sets up the IT infrastructure and offers powerful functions, such as PC backups and Remote Web Access. The PC backups feature helps organizations’ to protect data and the Remote Web Access feature helps access business information from anywhere, virtually. It also helps you to simply and rapidly connect to cloud-based applications and services to extend the functionality of the servers.

Setup and Boot Event Collections

This new feature of Windows Server 2016 enables the collection and logging of setup and boot events from other computers on the network. So, you can keep centralized logs information of setup and boot events.

SMB Bandwidth Limit

This feature provides a mechanism to track SMB traffic per category. In addition, it allows you to limit the amount of traffic allowed for a given category. It is commonly used to limit the bandwidth used by live migration over SMB.

Windows Biometric Framework

Security breach remains bit threat since the computer operating system invented. Moreover, in nowadays and even in the coming days, security breach will remain a bit threat for data loss. To prevent the security breaches and data loss, there should be updated security features in Windows Servers. In Windows Server 2016, a new security feature called Windows Biometric Framework has been introduced. It allows fingerprint devices to be used to identify and verify identities and to sign in to Windows.

BitLocker Network Unlock

We all are familiar with the BitLocker Drive Encryption. If a drive is protected with BitLocket, you have to unlock it before you can use it. In a large enterprise network, it may be a difficult job for an administrator to go and unlock the BitLocker-protected drive on each and every computer. Here, comes a new feature to resolve simplify this task. The BitLocker Network Unlock feature of Windows Server 2016 enables a network-based key protector to be used to automatically unlock BitLocker-protected operating system drives in the domain-joined computers when the computer is restarted.

In this post, we have introduced some of the major new features of Windows Server 2016. Hope, you loved and enjoyed it. Do share the article with others.

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