New Features of Windows 10

Whenever a new application, software, tool, or operating system is launched, it comes with dozens of new features and improvements. If there is nothing new in launched operating system then what is the purpose of launching it? Yes, it does not make any sense. Whenever, we start to use any device, tool, software or operating system, the first query comes in our mind is “what is new with this”. In this post, we will discuss some of the major new features of Windows 10 that have been introduced. Further, we will also discuss what improvements are made in the existing features of Windows 10.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system launched by Microsoft that should also have new features. Yes, it has! There are many new features and improvements are made in Windows 10.

Start Menu

In Windows 10, the Desktop screen is back in the place of Start screen. The Desktop screen in Windows 10 combines the features of both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 operating systems. To open the Start Menu items, click the Start button on the Desktop screen and the Start screen will display as shown in the following figure.Start Menu button in Windows 10

There are many important system setting options, tools, and apps that can be accessed directly from the Desktop screen. To open the system settings options, tools, or apps, right-click on the Start button or press the Windows+X keys and then select the desired option that you want to use. The following figure shows the settings options in windows 10 that can be opened using the Desktop screen.Windows 10 start menu options

Windows Hello

Windows Hello is a more secure and personal way to sign in to your Windows 10 system. You can sign in using the fingerprint, face detection, or eye detection methods.

To configure Windows Hello settings, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Click Start button, and then select Settings. On the SETTINGS window, click Accounts as shown in the following figure.New Features of Windows 10
  • On the ACCOUNTS screen, select Sign-in options in the left pane. Here you will find Windows Hello options (if your Windows 10 system supports it).

Action Center

We hope you are already familiar with Actin Center as it is not a new feature. However, in Windows 10, it contains few new options. Action Center shows the important notifications and messages, such as security and maintenance, mail, Windows updates etc.

To open the Action Center in Windows 10, perform the following steps:

  • Click the Action Center icon in the right-lower corner. It will show you the Actions Center options as shown in the following figure. Please take a look at each of the options.Top 10 features in Windows 10


Cortana is probably one of the most talked features of Windows 10 and to be honest, we found it as an interesting feature. This is something that is completely new in Windows 10. You can think Cortana as your personal assistant. It can help you to do the following:

  • It can remind you to do something at a particular time and place.
  • It can accept your voice to perform tasks, dictate message or chat.
  • It can help you to find stuff on your device, the Web, or OneDrive.
  • It can offer you personalized ideas, news, scores, events, traffic, jokes and much more.

Cortana can be directly accessed from the Desktop screen. However, Cortana requires a Microsoft’s account. The following figure shows the Cortana window.Opening Cortana in Windows 10

Task View

Navigating in Windows 10 gave us the similar user experience as we have in KDP environment (used in Linux platforms). In Windows 10, now Task View and New Desktop options have been introduced. Task View allows you to switch among multiple active windows or apps quickly. The following figure shows the Task View 10 task view

Multiple Desktops

You can also create a new Desktop screen that can be used to perform separate tasks in a fresh desktop  screen. To create a new desktop screen, click the Task View icon and then click New desktop as shown in the following figure.multiple desktop in windows 10

Tablet Mode

As the name describes, tablet mode allows you to change the Windows 10 user experience into a mode similar to that is found in the tablet devices. To switch to the tablet mode, click the Action Center icon and then select the Tablet mode option, as shown in the following figure.Table mode Windows 10 new feature

File Explorer

Not a new feature as it was previously known as Windows Explorer. The File Explorer is a file navigation tool. The most noticeable change of File Explorer is that it has Microsoft Office-style ribbons as you can notice in the following figure.Windows 10 file explorer

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a new web browser from Microsoft. It has some really new and exciting features. For example, it lets you write on the Web pages and read web pages without distractions.

  • To open the Microsoft Edge browser, click the Microsoft Edge icon on the Task Bar. Type a web address in the address bar that you want to open such as and press Enter.
  • On the Microsoft Edge window, click the Reading view icon, as shown in the following figure.Microsoft Edge
  • Now your web page will be converted to something like following that is what called Reading view mode. You can feel the user experience by self.Using microsoft edge reading view
  • One more noticeable feature of Microsoft Edge is Write on Web. This feature lets you write on the web pages you are surfing.
  • To check, how this feature work? open a website and click the Write on Web icon as shown in the following figure.Microsoft Edge Write on Web
  • Now, Microsoft Edge (your browser) will work almost like MS Paint. In the left-top corner to some R&D to become familiar with this feature.
  • The following figure shows all the available options of the Write on Web We recommend you to spend some time with these options to become familiar with them. Take a closure took up at the following figure.Write on Web Microsoft Edge new browser

Xbox App

Are you a game lover? Good, there is something interesting for you. Xbox is the place to play games, meet up friends, and make new ones. You need to sign in using a Microsoft account in order to use this feature. When you sign in to Xbox, all of your activities, friends, and games come with you to your PC regardless which PC you have used last time.

To access Xbox, click Start and select Xbox. You can also open it by typing xbox in the search box as shown in the following figure.Using Xbox in windows 10 new feature

In this post, we have discussed the new features of Windows 10 and the improvements that have been introducing in Windows 10. Hope, you have loved and enjoyed it. Let others to enjoying it by just sharing the article. Stay connected with us for upcoming posts.

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