How to Reset Cisco Router Password

Reset Cisco Router Password using Cisco Password Recovery

Rest Cisco Router Password

You can set a password on a Cisco router to protect access from unauthorized users. Once, you enable a password on a Cisco router, it will prompt to enter the password after every bootup. What will happen if you forget the password of a Cisco router that you are managing? You can reset Cisco router password or recover the lost password of a Cisco router using the ROM Monitor (ROMMON) mode. To reset Cisco router password, you need to modify the configuration register value. In this post, we will discuss how to set the Cisco router password and ho to reset Cisco router password using the Cisco Router Password Recovery.

How to Set Console Password on a Cisco Router?

First of all, let’s configure the console password (123456) on a Cisco router. To set the console password on a Cisco router, execute the following commands.

Router#config t
Router(config)#line console 0
Router(config-line)#password 123456

When you are prompted for entering the password, type a wrong password and assume that you have forgotten the password.

Steps to Reset Cisco Router Password

Cisco password recovery is a process that you can use to reset Cisco router password. If you are working on a physical router, power off and power on the router. Press the ctrl+break keys to interrupt the router’s booting process. Doing this will allow you to enter into the ROMMON mode.

If you are using a simulated environment such as Cisco Packet Tracer, double-click router to open its properties dialog box and perform the following tasks quickly.

Click the Physical tab, click the power off button, and then again click the power on button. Click the CLI tab and press the ctrl+break keys to interrupt the router’s booting process. You will see the rommon 1 > prompt.

Whether you are working with the physical router or with the simulated router (added in Cisco Packet Tracer), the next steps will remain same for both the environments.

Type the following commands at the rommon 1 > prompt.

Rommon 1 >confreg 0x2142
Rommon 1 >reset

Note: For the 2500 series routers, type o/r 0x2142 instead of confreg 0x2142.

The router will reboot and the System Configuration Dialog will be displayed. Type no and then press Enter to skip the initial router configuration. Verify that the User EXEC (Router>) mode is displayed without prompting any password.

It happens because of the 0x2142 configuration register value that enforces a router to bypasses the startup configuration.

Switch to the Privileged EXEC mode and execute the copy startup-config running-config command to copy the startup configurations (NVRAM) into running configuration (RAM).

Router#copy startup-config running-config

Now, you need to reset the current configuration register value (0x2142) back to its default value (0x2102). To do so, execute the following command.

Router(config)#config-regiter 0x2102

To verify the configuration register value, execute the following command.

Router#show version

That’s all you needed to reset Cisco router password. You are welcome to share any other method that you have ever used or any steps that I might have missed.

What’s next?

Perform basic router configuration tasks.

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