How To Create A WordPress Blog: Step By Step Beginners Guide

Today’s time is the time of the online business. Every business need a visibility to their customers. Online community can plays a huge role to grow you business. If you have a business idea and planning to earning some extra money through blogging? you may start by creating a WordPress blog. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform along with some other platforms such as
Creating a WordPress blog is not so difficult as most of the people think about it. Even you do not need to be a Web designer or developer to create a blog or Website. You just need to have some basic knowledge of Internet services and the basic knowledge of Computer system. Yes, you must have passion about blogging. Here, we will discuss a step by step guide about how to create a WordPress blog. We will discuss the basic things you need to do in order to create a WordPress blog.

Steps To Create a WordPress Blog

The following major steps are required to create a WordPress blog and start blogging.

1. Selecting Type of Blog

To create a WordPress blog, you need to follow the following steps:
Go to WordPress let’s started page and choose the type of blog such as online tutorials blog, online marketing store, you want to create.Create A WordPress Blog Step By Step Guide

2. Selecting WordPress Blog Theme

In the next step, you need to select the blog theme you may like. There are various free and paid themes that you can use for your WordPress blog. For a beginner blogger, we recommend
to start with a free theme. If you have your own theme, designed by a developer, you can upload it to continue.Choosing Best WordPress Blog Theme

3. Selecting Domain Name for Your Blog

In the next step, choose a domain name (Blog name) that you have decided to use. You can also use an existing domain name, if you have already registered a domain name with
a domain hosting service providers such as BlueHost or GoDaddy. We will discuss about hosting services in a separate post.Selecting WordPress Blog Domain Name

If you have not registered your domain name yet, you will be asked to pick a plan that’s right for you from the available WordPress plans. For a new blogger, we recommend to start with
Free plan and then upgrade to paid plan in the future as per your requirements.

4. Complete the WordPress Sign Up Form

In the next step, complete the WordPress Sign Up form to proceed.Activate WordPress Account
Now, activate your your WordPress account and login to your account. That’s all you need to create a free WordPress blog. But do not stop here, as this is just a starting of your blogging journey.

If you are planning a blog that is just for fun and for your personnel life, free WordPress blog may be sufficient for you. But if you are planning to create blog for business or online earning, Free WordPress would  not sufficient to fulfill your requirements. Because the Free blogging services does not offer great features that are really important for a successful blogging. There are various host service providers that provide cheap hosting services. However, we would personally love to recommend BlueHost as it is the best suitable host service for new bloggers and also simpler to use than others. You can start with the basic plan and then can upgrade the domain that suites to your blog.

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