Configure DHCP Reservation in Windows Server 2016

In the previous post, we have explained the basics of DHCP server role and a step by step guide to configure DHCP server in Windows Server 2016. We assume that you have already read that post. In this post, we will explain how to configure DHCP reservation in Windows Server 2016. Since the DHCP server is already configured and ready to provide TCP/IP settings to the DCHP clients, hence, we will start to explain how to configure DHCP reservation. However, we will not cover how to setup and configure DHCP server in this post.

  • Configure DHCP Server in Windows Server 2016

What is DHCP Reservation?

DHCP reservation is a feature of the DHCP Server Role that allows you to allocate the specific IP addresses to the specific clients. For this, DHCP server requires the MAC addresses of clients to bind the specific IP addresses to the specific MAC addresses. When a DHCP client sends a request to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server, the server looks in the reservation list and decides which IP address should be allocated to this client. That’s how does the DHCP reservation process work?

Steps to Configure DHCP Reservation

Before configuring DHCP reservation, first, let’s understand the topology we use to perform the configuration. We have a DHCP server named DC1 ( and a client named CL1 that does not have any manual IP address. Let’s begin lab:

  1. On the client machine, execute the ipconfig /all command and note the MAC address of the client.Configure DHCP Reservation in Windows Server 2016
  2. Next, move on to your DHCP server and expand your server name in the DHCP console. Under the IPv4 node, select and right-click Reservations and then select New Reservation to create a new DCHP reservation entry.
  3. On the New Reservation dialog box, type the reservation name, the IP address that you want to reserve, and the physical address of the client machine (00-0C-299E-8C2C).
  4. Click Add and then click Close. Now, you have configured a DHCP reservation on your server. To verify that the DHCP server allocates the IP address from the reservation list you created, move on the client machine. Open the TCP/IPv4 properties and select the Obtain an IP address automatically option.Configure DHCP client

Verify your DHCP Reservation Configuration

  1. Execute the ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew to release and renew the TCP/IP settings. Verify that the IP address of the client machine is allocated as per the DHCP reservation list.Configure DHCP Reservation in Windows Server 2016
  2. Is the IP address same that you have set in the reservation list? Yes, it should have been the same and it is the same.

That’s all about how to configure DHCP Reservation in Windows Server 2016. Don’t go away, there are tons of more articles for you, navigate them and keep continue to learn.

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