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How To Configure Dynamic NAT in Cisco Packet Tracer

Dynamic NAT is used for a large network or when a large number of users want to access external resources. We highly recommend you to read the previous post, “Configuring Static NAT” if you missed that. In this post, we

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Configure PPP Authentication on Cisco Router

There are many ways to interconnect routers. One of the most popular and traditional ways to interconnect routers on a WAN network is using the Serial interfaces. A serial cable has two ends Data Communication Equipment (DCE) and Data Terminal Equipment

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How To Configure Syslog Server in Cisco Packet Tracer

In the previous post, we have discussed the benefits of using Syslog Server and how to configure Syslog Server in GNS3. In this post, we will explain how to configure Syslog Server in Cisco Packet Tracer. You can use Syslog

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